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Is Daylio Free? Explore the App’s Costs and Features Today.

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Welcome, friends! Today, we’re here to answer that nagging question you’ve had in mind: is Daylio free? We understand that budget is a concern for most people, and you deserve to know the full scope of Daylio’s costs and benefits before making a decision. Don’t fret, though – we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

Key Takeaways

  • Daylio is a diary and mood tracker app that helps users keep track of their daily activities and moods.
  • The app offers both free and premium versions, with the latter unlocking additional features and benefits.
  • The free version of Daylio offers several useful features, including mood tracking, activity logging, and customizable settings.
  • To access premium features, users will need to subscribe to Daylio’s paid subscription, which comes at a cost.
  • As we explore Daylio’s costs and features in this article, we’ll provide you with an analysis of whether or not the app is worth the investment.

How Much Does Daylio Cost?

Daylio offers both a free and a premium version. If you are wondering if Daylio is free, the answer is yes – you can use the app completely free of charge. However, there are some limitations to the free version, such as fewer mood tracking options and a limited number of entries.

If you are looking for more features and benefits, Daylio also offers a premium subscription. The cost of the premium subscription varies depending on the billing cycle you choose. If you opt for a monthly subscription, it will cost $4.99 per month. If you choose to pay annually, the cost is $23.99 per year, which works out to be $1.99 per month – a 60% discount from the monthly subscription.

With the premium subscription, you get access to a wider range of features, including more moods and activities to track, the ability to export your data, and a dark mode theme. You also get access to more detailed statistics and insights into your mood and activity patterns.

It’s important to note that the free version of Daylio is still a great option if you are just starting with mood and activity tracking. It offers many useful features and can help you better understand your daily habits and routines.

Exploring Daylio’s Free Version

For those who are on a tight budget, Daylio does offer a free version with several features that can help with mood and activity tracking. One of the biggest benefits of the free version is that there are no time limits or trial periods.

The free version of Daylio allows users to track their moods and activities. Users can create custom moods and activities, set reminders, and view their progress over time. The app also offers a mood calendar and daily statistics to help users track their progress effectively.

However, the free version of Daylio does have some limitations. Users can only track up to three moods and activities per day, and they cannot add any notes to their entries. Additionally, the free version does not offer any premium features or benefits.

In summary, the free version of Daylio can be a useful tool for those who want to track their moods and activities without spending any money. However, it does have some limitations, and users who want more advanced features may need to upgrade to the premium version.

Unlocking Premium Benefits with Daylio’s Paid Subscription

If you’re looking to enhance your Daylio experience, consider upgrading to the premium subscription. With this subscription, you’ll gain access to additional features and benefits that can take your mood and activity tracking to the next level.

Subscription Type Cost
Monthly $4.99/month
Annual $23.99/year

With a premium subscription, you’ll be able to:

  • Set daily reminders to log your mood and activities
  • Customize your moods and activities to suit your needs
  • Track your goals and progress with advanced statistics and charts
  • Export your data to CSV for personal analysis and record-keeping
  • Restore your data if you switch devices or lose your phone

In addition to these features, premium users will have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a small, independent app developer. Your subscription helps to ensure Daylio can continue to provide quality updates and support for years to come.

Overall, we believe that the benefits of a Daylio premium subscription are well worth the cost, especially for those who rely on the app for daily mood and activity tracking. Try a monthly subscription to start and see if the added features are worth it for you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Key Features of Daylio

Now that we’ve explored the costs and pricing options of Daylio, let’s dive into its key features. Whether you’re using the free or premium version of Daylio, you’ll have access to a range of tools to track your moods, habits, and activities. Here are some of the most valuable features that Daylio has to offer:

  • Mood tracking: With Daylio, you can easily log your daily mood and track patterns over time. You can select from a range of pre-set moods, or create your own custom moods to fit your needs.
  • Activity tracking: Along with your mood, you can log your daily activities and habits. This can help you see how your mood is influenced by your daily routine, and identify areas where you might want to make changes.
  • Notes and photos: You can add notes and photos to your entries to provide more context and detail. This can be particularly useful for identifying triggers or patterns that affect your mood.
  • Mood statistics: Daylio provides detailed statistics about your mood patterns over time, including charts and graphs that help you see your progress and identify trends.
  • Reminders: You can set reminders to log your mood and activities at specific times throughout the day. This can help you stay consistent with your tracking and build healthy habits.

These are just a few of the key features that you’ll find in Daylio. Whether you’re using the free version or upgrading to premium, these tools can be incredibly valuable for understanding your mood and building healthy habits.

Is Daylio Worth the Investment?

After exploring Daylio’s costs and features, we must consider whether or not the app is worth the investment. With the free version available, some users may wonder if upgrading to the premium subscription is necessary.

For those who prioritize customization, the premium version offers a variety of customization options for activities, moods, and reminders. Additionally, the premium subscription provides access to advanced statistics, allowing users to analyze their data more comprehensively. For users who require more advanced features, the premium subscription is worth the investment.

However, for those who only require basic tracking features, the free version of Daylio may be sufficient. The app’s daily tracking and mood logging features are available in the free version, along with the option to set reminders and view basic statistics. Users can also export their data as a CSV file for personal analysis.

Overall, whether or not Daylio is worth the investment depends on individual preferences and needs. For users looking for a simple and effective mood tracking app, the free version may be sufficient. However, for those who need advanced customization options and statistics, upgrading to the premium subscription is recommended.

Alternatives to Daylio

While Daylio offers a range of features and benefits for tracking daily moods and activities, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Here are some alternative apps and methods that users can consider:

App/Method Features Pricing
Emoods Tracks moods, medications, and other health factors Free with paid premium features
Journey Allows for journaling, including photos and audio Free with paid premium features
Pen and Paper Simple and customizable Free

While these options may have similar features and pricing models as Daylio, it’s important to note that they may not have the same level of user engagement or accessibility as Daylio. Ultimately, the best app or method for mood and activity tracking will depend on individual preferences and needs.


So, is Daylio free? While there is a free version available, it does come with some limitations. If you want to access all of the features and benefits that Daylio has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid subscription.

Overall, we believe that Daylio is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to track their daily activities and moods. The app’s features are intuitive and effective, and the paid subscription provides even more benefits.

Of course, there are alternative apps available for mood and activity tracking, but we believe that Daylio stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and affordable pricing.

If you’re looking to take control of your daily routine and improve your mental health, we highly recommend giving Daylio a try.


Q: Is Daylio Free?

A: Yes, Daylio has a free version that you can use without any cost.

Q: How Much Does Daylio Cost?

A: Daylio offers different pricing options. You can use the app for free, or you can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription for additional features.

Q: Exploring Daylio’s Free Version

A: The free version of Daylio provides access to essential features for mood and activity tracking. You can journal your daily experiences, track your moods, and analyze your patterns without any charge.

Q: Unlocking Premium Benefits with Daylio’s Paid Subscription

A: By subscribing to Daylio’s premium version, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as customizable moods, advanced statistics, and backup options. The cost of the premium subscription varies depending on your selected plan.

Q: Key Features of Daylio

A: Daylio offers a range of features to enhance your mood and activity tracking. These include customizable moods, a mood calendar, daily reminders, insightful statistics, and the ability to export your data.

Q: Is Daylio Worth the Investment?

A: Considering its costs, features, and benefits, Daylio can be a valuable investment for those seeking to improve their self-awareness and track their daily experiences effectively. User reviews and personal experiences show positive outcomes from using Daylio.

Q: Alternatives to Daylio

A: If Daylio does not meet your needs, there are alternative apps and methods available for mood and activity tracking. Some popular alternatives include Moodpath, eMoods, and manual journaling. Compare their features and costs to find the best fit for you.