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Is the Calm App Actually Free? Your Guide to Mindfulness Costs

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  • Post last modified:11 September 2023

The Calm app has gained significant popularity in recent years as a go-to resource for mindfulness and meditation. If you’re considering using the app, you may be wondering if it’s actually free or if there are costs associated with it. Let’s explore the cost of access to the Calm app and guide you through mindfulness costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Calm app offers a free version with limited features and content.
  • The premium version of the Calm app requires a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • Additional costs may arise, such as meditation accessories or in-person classes.
  • Assess whether the benefits of the premium version justify the cost.

Exploring the Free Version of the Calm App

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Calm app does offer a free version. This version contains a variety of features that can help individuals in their quest for relaxation and stress management.

One of the main features of the free version is the selection of guided meditations. These meditations are designed to help individuals relax, reduce stress, improve focus, and promote a sense of well-being. With a wide range of meditation options, including breathing exercises, body scans, and mindfulness techniques, the app provides a comprehensive experience for users.

The free version also includes a library of relaxing music and nature sounds. These audio tracks can be played in the background while working, studying, or during relaxation sessions, enhancing the overall meditation experience and creating a calming and soothing environment.

In addition, the Calm App’s free version comes with the “Sleep Stories” feature. These are bedtime stories audio recordings that help users fall asleep faster and improve the quality of their sleep. The stories are narrated by a variety of voices and encompass a range of topics, making it easy for users to find something that resonates with them.

Another feature included in the free version of the Calm App is “Calm Breathe,” a breathing exercise designed to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. This feature guides users through simple breathing techniques that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Finally, the Calm App’s free version offers multi-platform support, allowing users to access it from a variety of devices, including iOS and Android devices, as well as desktop computers and laptops via a web browser.

In summary, the free version of the Calm App provides a diverse range of features that can aid in relaxation, stress reduction, and better sleep. Whether it’s through guided meditations, relaxing music, sleep stories, or a breathing exercise, the app offers a comprehensive experience for those seeking to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily routine.

Unlocking the Full Range of Features with the Premium Version

However, if you want access to the full range of features and content that Calm has to offer, you will need to subscribe to their premium version. The premium version of the Calm app provides users with exclusive access to a range of advanced functionalities and features that are not available in the free version.

By upgrading, users can enjoy unlimited access to all features with no restrictions on usage or functionality. This means that they can fully utilize the app’s capabilities and get the most out of their experience.

In addition to unlocking restrictions, the premium version also introduces new features and enhancements that are not available in the free version. Users can customize their experience with advanced options, improved performance, expanded storage capacity, and access to exclusive content or resources.

One of the benefits of upgrading to the premium version is the availability of premium support. Premium users receive priority assistance from the product’s support team, ensuring quicker response times and dedicated help for any issues or inquiries they may have. This personalized support can be invaluable, especially for users who rely heavily on the app for their daily activities.

Another advantage of the premium version is the ad-free experience. Unlike the free version, which may display ads or promotional content, the premium version provides a clean and uninterrupted user interface. This enhances the user experience and improves productivity by eliminating distractions and interruptions caused by advertisements.

Finally, the premium version may also offer additional security features and protection against threats such as viruses, malware, or unauthorized access. This ensures that users’ data and personal information are safeguarded, providing peace of mind and reassurance while using the app.

To fully unlock the full range of features with the premium version of Calm, users must subscribe or purchase a license. The pricing and payment models vary, depending on the subscription length and the specific features offered.

Ultimately, upgrading to the premium version of the Calm app provides users with access to the full range of features and benefits, enabling them to benefit from advanced functionalities, customization options, premium support, ad-free experiences, and enhanced security. By investing in the premium version, users can elevate their user experience and maximize the utility of the app.

Understanding the Costs of the Calm App Premium Subscription

So, how much does the Calm app premium subscription cost? It’s a question on the minds of many users considering whether to upgrade. The answer varies depending on the billing frequency and location.

In the United States, the annual subscription to the Calm app costs $69.99 per year, paid in a lump sum at the beginning of the subscription period. For those who prefer to pay on a monthly basis, the cost is $14.99 per month. However, it is worth noting that pricing may differ for users outside of the United States due to exchange rates and regional pricing adjustments. For accurate information based on one’s location, users should check the Calm app’s pricing page.

Billing Option Cost
Annual Subscription $69.99 per year
Monthly Subscription $14.99 per month

Upon subscribing to Calm app premium, users gain access to a variety of features, including a wide library of guided meditation sessions, sleep stories, music tracks, and masterclasses on various topics related to mental wellness. The premium subscription also offers additional features such as personalized recommendations and exclusive content.

The Calm app premium subscription is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Furthermore, Calm offers a 7-day free trial for users to explore the premium features before committing to a paid subscription.

Overall, the Calm app premium subscription offers a range of features aimed at promoting relaxation and mental well-being. Understanding the costs associated with the subscription can help users make informed decisions about whether to upgrade to the premium version. It is essential to consider the billing frequency and payment options based on one’s location to accurately estimate the expenses.

The Value of the Calm App Premium Subscription

While the cost of the premium subscription may seem steep to some, many users find the value to be well worth it. The Calm app premium subscription offers a wide range of valuable features and benefits that enhance the meditation and relaxation experience:

  • Guided Meditations: With a premium subscription, users gain access to a variety of guided meditation sessions designed to help calm the mind, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. The app offers a wide range of guided meditations, including sessions for beginners, intermediate practitioners, and advanced users.
  • Sleep Stories: Premium subscribers can access an extensive library of narrated bedtime stories designed to help users relax and fall asleep. These stories are carefully crafted to create a calming and soothing atmosphere, helping users unwind after a long day and achieve a restful night’s sleep.
  • Mindful Music: The premium subscription includes access to Calm’s library of mindful music, featuring a variety of calming tracks that help users relax, focus, and find inner peace.
  • Masterclasses: Users can also access masterclasses led by renowned experts in various fields, such as mindfulness, self-improvement, and stress management. These masterclasses provide valuable insights, techniques, and practical tips to enhance overall well-being.
  • Advanced Features: The premium subscription also includes access to advanced features, such as the ability to customize meditation sessions with specific themes, durations, and background sounds. Users can also track their progress and set reminders to ensure that they are consistently incorporating meditation and relaxation into their daily routine.

Overall, the comprehensive and personalized meditation and relaxation experience provided by the Calm app premium subscription makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to prioritize their mental and emotional health. The benefits of reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being make the premium subscription a valuable addition to any self-care routine.

Additional Features to Enhance the Meditation Experience

Furthermore, the Calm app also offers a variety of additional features that can enhance the meditation experience. These features include:

  • Guided meditations: The Calm app offers a wide variety of guided meditations, led by experienced meditation teachers. These sessions are designed for different levels of experience and cover various topics, such as stress reduction, better sleep, and improved focus.
  • Sleep stories: In addition to guided meditations, the Calm app also offers sleep stories – bedtime stories for grown-ups designed to help you relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Breathing exercises: The app also provides breathing exercises that help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. These exercises are easy to follow and can be done anywhere.
  • Mindful movement: The Calm app also incorporates mindful movement into their meditation sessions, including yoga and stretching exercises designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Nature sounds: The app offers a variety of nature sounds, such as rain and ocean waves, which can help create a calming environment during meditation.
  • Music: The Calm app also includes a range of soothing music options, including piano, guitar, and nature sounds. Users can also create their own playlists for meditation.

These additional features can help users personalize their meditation practice and create a more fulfilling experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, these tools can help you deepen your practice and cultivate a greater sense of calm and awareness.

The Impact on Overall Well-Being

Another factor to consider when assessing the costs associated with the Calm app is the potential impact on overall well-being. The overall well-being of individuals is influenced by various factors, including physical health, mental well-being, social connections, and lifestyle choices. These factors have a profound impact on one’s quality of life and happiness.

Physical health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are crucial for maintaining good physical health. Engaging in physical activities not only improves one’s physical fitness but also promotes mental well-being by reducing stress and increasing endorphin levels.

Mental well-being is equally important for overall well-being. It encompasses emotional health, cognitive abilities, and psychological well-being. Practices like mindfulness meditation, therapy, and self-care contribute to positive mental health. Maintaining a positive mindset and managing stress effectively are vital for overall well-being.

Social connections play a significant role in overall well-being. Having meaningful relationships and support networks are essential for emotional support, personal growth, and a sense of belonging. Isolation and loneliness can have detrimental effects on mental and physical health, highlighting the importance of nurturing social connections.

Lifestyle choices, including factors such as work-life balance, hobbies, and leisure activities, impact overall well-being. Finding a balance between work and personal life promotes overall happiness and reduces stress levels. Engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, such as hobbies and leisure pursuits, positively contribute to overall well-being.

Overall, the impact on overall well-being is multi-faceted and often requires attention to various aspects of life. Taking care of physical health, nurturing mental well-being, cultivating social connections, and making positive lifestyle choices all contribute to achieving and maintaining a high level of overall well-being.

Personalizing Your Mindfulness Practice

The Calm app allows users to personalize their mindfulness practice. This means that you can create a practice that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. Personalizing your mindfulness practice can involve various techniques and approaches to make the practice more effective and enjoyable.

One way to personalize your practice is by choosing guided meditations that resonate with you. The Calm app offers a variety of guided meditations, including those focused on stress reduction, sleep, and self-care. By selecting meditations that align with your personal goals and interests, you can create a more meaningful and impactful mindfulness experience.

In addition to guided meditations, the Calm app also offers mindful movement practices such as yoga and stretching. These practices can be customized to your level of experience and physical ability, making them accessible to everyone. By incorporating mindful movement into your practice, you can cultivate a deeper mind-body connection and enhance your overall well-being.

Another way to personalize your mindfulness practice is by incorporating mindfulness into your daily activities. This can be as simple as taking a few moments to focus on your breath or body sensations during daily tasks such as washing dishes or walking. By practicing mindfulness in this way, you can integrate the benefits of mindfulness into your everyday life and develop a more consistent mindfulness practice.

Overall, personalizing your mindfulness practice can lead to a more enjoyable and impactful experience. By understanding and respecting your personal preferences, you can cultivate a practice that resonates with you on a deeper level, leading to greater personal growth and well-being.

Weighing the Investment: Personal Goals, Preferences, and Budget

Ultimately, it’s important to consider your personal goals, preferences, and budget when deciding whether or not to subscribe to the Calm app’s premium version.

When it comes to making investments, it is crucial to consider your personal goals, preferences, and budget. This ensures that you are making informed decisions that align with what you hope to achieve and what you can afford.

Firstly, clearly defining your personal goals is essential in determining where you should invest your money. Are you looking to save for retirement, purchase a home, or fund your child’s education? Knowing your goals will help you narrow down the investment options that are most suitable for you. For example, if your goal is long-term growth, investing in stocks or mutual funds may be a good fit. On the other hand, if you have a shorter-term goal, such as saving for a down payment on a house, you may want to consider investments with lower volatility and shorter investment horizons, such as bonds or money market funds.

Additionally, your preferences play a role in deciding how to invest. Some people may have a higher risk tolerance and feel comfortable investing in more volatile assets, while others may prefer more conservative options. It is important to understand your own risk tolerance and invest accordingly. A financial advisor can help you assess your risk tolerance and guide you towards investments that align with your preferences.

Furthermore, your budget is a crucial factor to consider when making investment decisions. How much can you afford to invest and how much risk are you willing to take? Evaluating your budget helps you determine how much you can allocate towards investments without compromising your daily financial needs. It is important not to overextend yourself and to have a realistic understanding of what you can afford to invest.

Finally, it is crucial to review and adjust your investment strategy as your personal goals, preferences, and budget evolve. Life circumstances change, and it is important to ensure that your investment strategy aligns with your current situation. This may require rebalancing your portfolio or exploring new investment opportunities that better suit your needs.

In conclusion, weighing the investment involves considering your personal goals, preferences, and budget. By aligning your investment decisions with these factors, you can make informed choices that will help you achieve your financial objectives while staying within your means. It is always recommended to seek advice from a qualified financial professional to ensure that you are making the best investment decisions for your unique circumstances.

Exploring User Reviews and Testimonials

Many users have shared their positive experiences with the Calm app, and exploring their reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the mindfulness platform. When considering whether to try the Calm app, hearing from other users can help make an informed decision.

User reviews on the Calm app’s website and in app stores praise the app’s user-friendly interface, soothing content, and diverse range of meditations. Some users have reported improved sleep, reduced stress, and increased mindfulness after using the app regularly. Others have appreciated the app’s personalized recommendations and scheduling features, which help users tailor their mindfulness practice to their unique needs.

Additionally, Calm app testimonials highlight specific success stories and how the app has helped individuals achieve their goals. For example, some users have praised the app for helping them overcome anxiety, while others have found it helpful in managing chronic pain. Hearing from these satisfied customers can provide a sense of assurance and encouragement to those looking to try the app.

It’s worth noting that not all user reviews and testimonials are positive, and it’s important to consider a range of perspectives before making a decision. However, overall, the Calm app has received positive feedback from a wide variety of users. Their experiences can offer valuable insight into the app’s benefits and potential drawbacks, helping individuals determine if the app aligns with their personal goals and preferences.

In conclusion, exploring user reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the Calm app’s reputation, benefits, and user experience. As with any decision, it’s important to weigh the opinions of others while keeping personal preferences and goals in mind.

Seeking Balance and Calm with the Calm App

The Calm app provides a means for users to seek balance and calm amidst the chaos of everyday life. With guided meditations, sleep stories, music tracks, and breathing exercises, the app offers users a variety of tools to help reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Through its guided meditation sessions, the Calm app helps users calm their minds and achieve mental clarity. With various themes and durations to choose from, including anxiety relief and self-esteem building, users can tailor their meditation practice to their specific needs and preferences.

The sleep stories provided by the app are equally valuable, helping users quiet their minds and relax for a better night’s sleep. With soothing narration and calming background sounds, these stories are perfect for those who struggle with insomnia or have difficulty winding down at the end of the day.

In addition to meditation and sleep support, the Calm app also offers an extensive collection of music tracks designed to promote relaxation and focus. Whether one is looking to de-stress during a break or enhance their concentration during work or study sessions, the app has a music track to suit their needs.

Finally, the app includes breathing exercises that can help individuals center themselves and find balance amidst the chaos of daily life. Through timed exercises and deep breathing techniques, users can learn to regulate their breath, reduce anxiety, and improve their overall mental and physical well-being.

Overall, the Calm app provides a valuable resource for anyone seeking greater balance and calm in their life. With a variety of features and resources, users can tailor their practice to their needs and preferences, and take steps towards achieving greater peace and well-being.


In conclusion, while the Calm app does offer a free version with limited content, the premium version comes at a cost. However, the added features and benefits of the premium version are numerous and may be worth the investment, depending on your personal goals, preferences, and budget.

As we have explored, the Calm app offers a wide range of mindfulness and meditation tools designed to help users find balance, calm, and overall well-being. The app’s customization options, additional features, and user reviews are all factors to consider when deciding whether to upgrade to the premium version.

The Calm app is not just a simple tool for relaxation; it has the potential to impact your life in meaningful ways. By practicing mindfulness and meditation regularly, you may experience improved focus, reduced stress, and a more positive outlook on life.

In short, the Calm app can help you cultivate a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. Whether you choose to stick with the free version or upgrade to premium, the app has something to offer everyone looking to enhance their meditation practice and overall well-being.


Q: Is the Calm app free?

A: Yes, the Calm app does offer a free version with a limited selection of content.

Q: What does the free version include?

A: The free version includes a handful of guided meditations and sleep stories.

Q: What features are unlocked with the premium version?

A: The premium version unlocks access to hundreds of guided meditations, sleep stories, music tracks, and meditations tailored to specific needs.

Q: How much does the Calm app premium subscription cost?

A: The annual subscription is priced at $69.99 per year, the monthly subscription is $14.99 per month, and the lifetime subscription is a one-time payment of $399.99.

Q: Are there additional features in the Calm app?

A: Yes, the app offers features like the “Daily Calm” meditation and guided meditation programs for specific goals or challenges.

Q: What are the potential benefits of the Calm app?

A: Mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep quality, and enhance focus, among other benefits.

Q: Can the Calm app be personalized?

A: Yes, the app allows for customized meditation experiences tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Q: How should I consider my personal goals and budget when deciding on a subscription?

A: It’s important to weigh your goals, preferences, and budget to determine if the investment in a premium subscription aligns with your needs.

Q: What do users say about the Calm app?

A: User reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the experiences of current users and their opinions on the app.

Q: Can the Calm app help me find balance and calm?

A: The Calm app is designed to help users find balance and calm in their lives through its mindfulness and meditation resources.